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This is the story of a cradle robber
A husk of meaningless flesh
Now he knows nothing but loss
But that's only because
He defiles the innocence
Mind and proper
Call the doctor
Scalpel and rope by his side
With steps of guile
He steals the newborn
The fate of the infernal one
She has now been pushed
Far beyond her will
If this was just life
Then she would much rather be dead
Daily she welcomed death the only thing fix
For the filth that she hath
Festered within her innards
Every night she’s face to face with filth
Her arms are raw from the ropes
And her mouth is gagged with silk
She’s been planning this for years
She'll be making an escape
Oh these bastards, yes they’re cunning
But yet they make their mistakes
Now she travels mentally
As her body bends and breaks
The only notion keeping life
Is the sight of her revenge
She wants to run right now
But she knows that
It will lead to her end
Close your eyes and block it out
And wait for it to start again
Years have gone by
She finally unleashes her plan
Recreate travesties done and sodemise
The infernal son
She bounds and gags them both
Sever the members
Prepare the rope
I hope it feels good
To be choked by the cock that fucked her
And now that she’s able
You deserve all of this
You did this to yourself
And now you lay limbless on the floor
Pain will be, the phallas remains mangled amongst
The rot
The rust
The filth
The smut


from Planet Namek, released February 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Planet Namek Tulsa, Oklahoma

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