Kevin Spac​/​dc

by Planet Namek

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multidimensional beings
take on the form of the human race
to witness the evolution
of the universal disgrace
an arbitrary species
that communicates through empty promises
is genetically built on fallacy
unaware of the capabilities
that they possess
walking around without a sense of purpose
creatures that were meant to build
found comfort in destruction
when will you pathetic lifeforms
ever learn from your past mistakes?
you humans subscribe to a policy
of an eye for an eye
starting wars and ruining lives
just to prove that you’re right
your hate and greed
will be the downfall of the world
as you know it
you incompetent fools
are the ones that brought
this hell upon your selves
there is no escaping this
every single one of you
is a mindless fish
living in a shallow bowl
with a skewed transparency
that warps your reality
never knowing what lies
beyond the boundaries
it’s time to travel back home
he is just a traveler comprised of light
dissolving memories that fateful night
he never knew how it was to feel
replaying images
of his broken family
what have i done
his vessel has become a husk
that all you feel as we
rise above the rust
close your eyes and relax
because you haven’t lived
until you’ve seen the moons on k-pax
moons on k-pax


released January 29, 2017
Emmett Neves - Audio engineer and producer



all rights reserved


Planet Namek Tulsa, Oklahoma

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